Thanks for your interest in the class. Here are some of the things we will be talking about.

Nuclear attack: This section will cover how a nuclear attack could occur, the effects of a nuclear blast, the most likely time for an attack, the priority of targets, and much more. We will also talk about the size of nuclear bombs; delivery means and likely targets in your area. This is a sober, logical look at both a single nuclear detonation on a specific target and an all-out global thermal nuclear war. We will discuss likely scenarios, warning signs, and immediate preparations you can take for yourself and your family prior to any attack. You will learn what to do in the first 24, 48, and 72 hours of an attack. Do you know the number one thing that will get you killed in a nuclear attack? You will learn that, too. And the answer will surprise you.  

  • Fallout, neutron-induced radiation, EMP, TREE, and other effects from a nuclear detonation 
  • Aspects of radiation on the human body, pets, livestock, and plant life 
  • Protective measures you and your family can take for fallout and radiation 
  • Fallout shelters, shielding, and half-life explained 
  • Decontamination and detection of fallout and radiation 
  • Simplified fallout predictions for your area 
  • How to build a Faraday cage and more importantly what to put in it 
  • Different types of radiation detection equipment, how they work, when and how to use them 
  • How to move through a radioactively contaminated area and if we have time optimum time of exit calculation 

Biological attack: In this section, we will define a biological agent, discuss known biological agents, how they are deployed, some of their effects, and their impact on the population. We will cover biological safety levels (BSL) and the different viruses like Ebola, Zika, smallpox, and the flu. We will also discuss the current Covid 19 pandemic, what the Jones household did, and all the lessons learned from it.  

  • When is the most likely time for a biological attack to occur 
  • How to protect yourself and your family from a biological attack 
  • Protective measures and equipment for a biological attack 
  • How to establish an isolation section for anyone that is sick 
  • How to decontaminate yourself and your equipment from a pathogen 
  • What are the warning signs that we are under a biological attack and what is the trigger point to pull your kids out of school 
  • Items you should have on hand prior to the attack 
  • Actions you can take prior to a biological attack, during a biological attack, and after 

Chemical attack: Here we will discuss the different types of chemical agents, their effects, means of deployment, and how they may be used. We will go over some historical uses of chemical agents in the past to better understand how they may be used today. 

  • Proper shelter-in-place techniques for you and your family 
  • Different protective measures to include gas masks, chemical protective clothing, and improvised protective measures 
  • The immediate action steps you should take if you think you’re under chemical attack 
  • How to decontaminate yourself if you have chemical agents on you 
  • Symptoms of chemical agent attacks 
  • How to care for a chemical agent casualty 

This will be a jammed packed information overload of a class but I promise I will make it fun and funny. I have lots of firsthand experience and I like to share that to drive a point home. 

The Plan:  We will meet at the scheduled time for two or more hours. I plan to record the presentation so if you don’t want your face on the class just select no video. We will have a live chat going so it you want to ask a question you can type it in the chat or unmute your mic and ask away. I want this to be number one a learning experience and number two a great time! Bring the entire Prepper Group and the family, have snacks, relax, and think. Over the years I have found that the relaxed mind takes in more information than the tense mind.  

What I should do next: All you need to do is fill out the form to the right. You will receive more information, once a specific date and time are finalized.

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