You will learn what to do in the first 24, 48, and 72 hours of an attack. Do you know the number one thing that will get you killed in a nuclear attack? The answer will surprise you.


When is the most likely time for a biological attack to occur? What are the warning signs that we are under a biological attack? what is the trigger point to pull your kids out of school?


What are the different types of chemical agents, their effects and means of deployment,? What are the proper shelter-in-place techniques for you and your family?


The time spent with your class was amazing.
Thank you for not only the information but also for your delivery!
I highly recommend the investment.

Robert C.


David obviously has a lot of knowledge and first-hand experience in this area.
It is a very serious subject, but Dave has a way of presenting the material in a more relaxed manner and his personal stories really bring home that there are things you can do to be better prepared.

Randy N.


You will get the straight facts in a way they can be digested. Dave’s classes are time invested in your future emergency decision making.

Chin G. Cohost of the Changing Earth podcast

part of the Prepper Broadcasting Network.

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